Revenue Management

Our Revenue Management service is designed to connect more arriving guests with the best-suited product. After reviewing the current product lineup, pricing, and sales figures, we work closely with our clients to identify the gaps and to build robust product lineups that connect with more arriving guests toward the purchase of the best product available.

Sales Performance

We teach your team to stop taking orders and to instead gather information about the guest in front of them. Armed with that information, we teach sellers to connect with guests on the basis of a product’s benefit and value. This approach produces happier guests and grows revenue in a way that no other sales approach does.

WOW! Service Training

Guest satisfaction is a top priority for any hospitality-related business. More than any other business, we understand that word of mouth advertising is worth its weight in gold. Guests want to be engaged, captivated, and wowed. Our Wow! Service Training begins with the basics with emphasis on servant leadership and fulfillment of guest needs. By adopting our Top 4 Guest Engagements, your guests not only feel welcomed but Wowed!

Data Analytics

Productivity Metrics.  Performance Behaviors. Recognition.  Commission. When it comes to understanding data and developing solutions based on raw results, these are the crucial components of a successful front gate sales program.  Sales data must be easy to understand, readily accessible, and relevant.   We know ticketing, data analytics, and front gate operations.

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Jungle Island: Investors closer to $60 million takeover of Miami Theme Park

Investors are closing in on a complex $60 million deal for Jungle Island, the animal theme park on city-owned Watson Island with a troubled financial past. On Thursday, Miami commissioners will consider approving the transfer of the lease from the park’s private ownership group to ESJ Capital Partners, an Aventura-based real estate firm with strong backing from European investors. It’s the first step in a planned, multi-year rebranding-and-renovation project that ESJ hopes will make Jungle Island into one of Miami’s premier tourism destinations. “Jungle Island is an incredible jewel, located right on the water, situated right between Miami and Miami Beach,” said Alexander Tachmes, an attorney at Shutts & Bowen […]

Brevard Zoo Launches New Sales Initiative

MELBOURNE, Fla., February 3, 2016 – Brevard Zoo is home to unique and special experiences from kayaking around Africa to ziplining high above the Florida Wetlands. In partnership with Operation: Pineapple, the zoo has launched the BLOOM Growth Formula, a sales initiative designed to connect more arriving zoo guests with special experiences while simultaneously growing revenue. Operation: Pineapple began working with Brevard Zoo last August to redefine the zoo’s many product offerings including day passes and memberships. Operation: Pineapple made several key recommendations that the zoo implemented in early January. Now, the zoo’s most frequent guests can choose from three different levels of membership all year long. Another exciting change […]


ARVADA, CO, January 6, 2015  – Amusement Advantage, Inc. the exclusive provider of guest experience measurement services to the attractions industry, announced today that it has entered into an exclusive partnership with Operation: Pineapple, based in Orlando, FL.   Amusement Advantage will engage Operation: Pineapple to complement their existing guest experience solutions with comprehensive social media guest feedback analysis.  This comparative analysis matches the attraction with a set of five competitors, analyzes their social media data for quantitative trends, and provides meaningful summary and recommendations that can be used for a range of actions, from training to master planning, with the end result of enhancing the overall guest experience. “Attractions are […]

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